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Crossing2Freedom is a life changer for everyone; if you have breath and a belly button, it will help you.


Crossing2Freedom is a life changer for everyone; if you have breath and a belly button, it will help you.

Each of us has taken ownership of wrong thinking, ideas, and identities in our lives. We may have overcome some, but we filter relationships, attitudes, expectations, and life through those we have not.

Jan Hicks spent 12 years addicted to cocaine and any other drug she could put into her veins. She overdosed twice and heard others discussing what to do with her.  Jan just knew they would leave her for dead! Her testimony of deliverance from drug, alcohol, and nicotine addiction is an extremely powerful testimony but she also understands depression, fear, shame, guilt, sorrow, lost hope, and bitterness.  Jan was molested as a young child, a teen, and raped as an adult. She became addicted to pornography and was in adulterous situations and divorced more than once.  These relationships involving physical, emotional, and verbal abuse enabled Jan to understand how unforgiveness can emotionally cripple a person.  Her bitterness grew to the point of twice attempting to take another’s life. Fear and bitterness caused her to live with a loaded gun always at her side.  Jan not only understands, God’s grace to forgive and deliver but to heal from a crippling disease.

After Jan gave her life to Christ in August of 1991, she met Don Hicks in church and they were married in 1992. Don had come out of a similar lifestyle and surrendered his life to the Lord just one month after Jan. Together they have a blended family of 4 amazing children and many grandchildren. They serve the Lord together in ministry, living by faith for Jesus to meet their every need and HE does.

It is Don and Jan’s desire for each believer to draw into an intimate relationship with God, the Father. Through much training and preparation, Holy Spirit has taught Jan how to help others achieve that goal.

Learning to live a “Forgiving Living Lifestyle” promotes daily healing and freedom. If we allow it, stress and fear can overcome us.  Jan teaches that there are many entry points for the enemy to put us in emotional bondage and sickness. Understanding that there are many spiritual roots to our illness empowers us to get rid of them! Then we can receive and walk in the PEACE that Jesus promised.

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