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Christian Counseling

Helping the Hurting Receive Healing

We understand that some issues need to be addressed on a more personal level. We have Certified Prayer Ministers (CPMs) trained in a special counseling technique that changes lives through the leading of the Holy Spirit as we counsel, coach and pray with you. The coaching and guidance offered is based on Biblical principles and truths.

Our Christian counselors are available to meet in a private, secure environment in our offices. Long distance phone counseling is also available. All information shared is treated as confidential and our compassionate CPMs are respectful of each person's journey.

Simple tools are offered to use in daily life that will allow you to do more than just "cope" with situations, but to be completely set free.

We are a non-profit ministry where the hurting can receive healing and hope. You can contact our Christian Counseling Center at (774) 567-0771.

Yes I Am....

  • a child of God
  • a masterpiece
  • content in Christ alone
  • chosen
  • loved and loving
  • joyful
  • gentle
  • not easily offended
  • self-controlled
  • patient
  • steady
  • confident
  • mighty in His power
  • free
  • healed
  • forgiving and forgiven
  • unashamed
  • fearless
  • not stuck in worry or anxiety
  • named by God, not labeled by man or myself
  • victorious
  • overcoming

Am I...really??

Are you struggling with believing this within yourself? Let us help you.
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Client Testimonials

  • Every time I attend a Freedom Weekend, Holy Spirit reveals something new to me that I need to release or heal from. It may be less issues or memories that hurt each time I attend, but healing is a process and I believe we are healing throughout sanctification. So that would be my testimony - that you continue to live out a journey of healing and forgiveness, because God wants to continue to make you whole and full of His joy.

    Alexis Banks
  • Freedom is what I found.  Spiritually, physically and emotionally. Crossing2Freedom saved my life. Through this ministry, they were able to get to the very root that had held me captive for 60 years. I can finally fulfill my God-given destiny. My purpose has become clear, thanks to Jan & Twila. I have more confidence in who I am in Jesus.  No more fear, no more condemnation, no more depression. I can breathe life now.   – Deborah McNair

  • Since I have started going through “Crossing2Freedom” and my one-on-one sessions with Jan Hicks at Christians United Ministries, Inc. (CUMI), I have noticed a tremendous difference in my life. I have seen favor released on my job in such a powerful way. I have also noticed a drastic change in areas like memory recall, ability to think clearly, focusing, etc. After going through this process, I have experienced such a powerful sense of freedom & feel such a great peace in every area of my life. For most of my life, I struggled with Attention Deficit Disorder and always had a very tough time getting my thoughts together. Since working with Jan and declaring freedom in those areas, I now realize what a powerful tool my mind is and how it had been held captive for so many years.

    Allen Felts, Pensacola, FL