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Although we were quite busy, what a great adventure Brenda Stuart, La and I had these last 2 weeks as we ministered in Tennessee. The worship at every event ushered the presence of God into the atmosphere.

Our trip began with a three-day conference at Vineyard Church, Milan. We encountered many testimonies of how God changed hearts: men and women who were able to forgive those who hurt them and see their offenders in a new light as wounded people themselves. People in need of spiritual healing and freedom came forth in a steady rhythm.

One particular lady was dealing with the pain and shame of her 17-year-old stepson being arrested that very morning. He was involved in a gang and had taken the life of two others just a couple of days before. It was indeed a heart-breaking, very scary situation for the whole community. She witnessed that the Lord replaced the feelings of fear, pain and uncertainly with peace, safety and security.

Women of Hope

Our next meeting was at Hope Recovery – Women of Hope in Medon where I was asked to teach the final chapter of Crossing2Freedom. What an honor! A chapel service followed and the Lord made a way for me to pray over everyone there; some spouses and visitors came as well. As I anointed with oil, Holy Spirit brought healing to the hearts of those who just days before witnessed an intensely traumatic experience when one of their own ladies, almost 9 months pregnant, had an amniotic embolism (blood clot) taking her life immediately. Her baby lived a day and a half. Both were buried together just days before. Seeing God release HIS peace and love in that serious place of grief and trauma brought tears of joy to my eyes.

A private home meeting followed with a precious group of men and women who had completed the Crossing2Freedom curriculum. I handed out their Certificates of Completion and then heard the testimonies of Jesus’ healing power in their lives.

Oh to be changed by Jesus….now that’s total Freedom!

Private Ministry, Paris Landing Women’s Ministry & More

Besides some private ministry at different times of the day and night, the following weekend (Thurs. – Sun.) was spent at Paris Landing, a beautiful facility located on the Tennessee River. We met a couple times a day for teachings and assignments. God taught us about ungodly beliefs and how to change our brains to accept the truth of who we are. It was all women, although the ages ranged from 8 to 70+ years. Wow! How delightful to see those little young eyes attentive to the lies of the devil that they do not have to believe and the mature ones recognizing what to get rid of.

Licensing & Ordination

During that weekend, Ronald Michel and Loretta Pemberton were recognized for their years of service as we Licensed and Ordained them under our ministry umbrella. What an asset they will be in TN and beyond!

I hope this gives you just a glimpse into this 2 weeks of my life and the Christians United Ministries Team Jesus. We love what we do.

You make it possible for us to continue.

Some of those places we travel are unable to provide the financial resources needed for us to bring them the ministry opportunities they need, but because of your giving hearts we can pour into them by providing the Crossing2Freedom books and releasing a representative of CUMI to go each week to pray with and teach them how to live life to the fullest through Jesus Christ. We are blessed.

Many thanks as you continue to sow into great Kingdom soil!

Jan Hicks , CUMI
President and Founder

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