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There is Hope

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Blog by Jessica Davis


The undetected hook!

I read this sign on a recent trip to an aquarium with my children. It immediately struck me. This nurse shark hurt those she had peacefully shared a tank with prior to that moment. Only after her death did they learn why. She was carrying deep unaddressed pain inside of her.


At some point in her life, she had swallowed a fish hook. That hook caused infection to rob her of her health and led to massive brain swelling which made her someone she was not previously. She lashed out at those around her causing injury to them before she ultimately succumbed to her condition.





What is at the root of your pain?

What hook have you swallowed that is causing you deep pain? Have you been wounded by someone you loved and trusted? That pain and unforgiveness could be your hook. Did you make a choice that you now desperately wish you hadn’t? That indictment against yourself could be your hook.


Do you have a secret you are hiding from the world fearing their judgment or rejection? Your secret could be your hook. Hooks in our spirit cause infection. That infection opens the door to even greater brokenness. That pain may cause us to lash out at others or even to hate ourselves.




There is hope

The pain is very real but so is the hope. Find a safe person and share your hook. Allow them to pray with you and allow God to perform the surgery your spirit needs.



  • This nurse shark couldn’t share her pain.
  • You can.
  • She couldn’t ask for help.
  • You should.
  • She couldn’t choose healing.
  • You are worthy of it.   #choosepeace #nomorehooks #free.






Father, set our hearts free from hooks of rejection, pride, comparison, bitterness and ____________,  that keeps us out of the fellowship with you and others we desperately desire.   In the matchless name of Jesus! Amen.


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