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To Be Seen….

Posted by: In: Uncategorized 03 Dec 2018 Comments: 1

Post by Brandy Edenfield




Sitting with my tree this morning & thinking about last night’s group & these words from a book we are reading (the author speaking of women) describes us as:


 “warrior, courageous, fighter.”


As I let my mind dissect the meaning of each word, it begins to wander into the lives of women I know- some of which I don’t know well but I follow them on social media or they’re a friend of a friend or a parent of a kid I know or they live far away.




 Warrior | Courageous | Fighter

Many different women in different situations. I suddenly realize I’ve lost focus & try to come back to these three words & I feel the gentle urging of Holy Spirit in my heart say “Think on these women, they’re not “distractions” they are the evidence of these three words that I’ve allowed you to witness, the proof that I created women as mighty WARRIORS, COURAGEOUSLY moving through each day & a with a deep down FIGHTER spirit as they conquer their situations. Acknowledge what is often overlooked. These are MY GIRLS, in whom I am well pleased!”


  • So, to the woman that is separated and navigating through her first Christmas alone but found the courage to buy new decor for her tree, declaring a fresh startI SEE YOU!!
  • The mama raising five boys on her own, yet taking care of herself at the same time to show them what a superwoman looks likeI SEE YOU!
  • The woman who has lost a child yet finds a way to walk with others through the same nightmare, teaching about “new normal” I SEE YOU! 
  • The woman that has dedicated her life to homemaking & being home with little ones, trying desperately to find joy in the diapers & tearsI SEE YOU!
  • The working mom that has the heart of an entrepreneur & a fierce desire to contribute to the working world yet battles guilt & feels judged by others because she loves workingI SEE YOU!
  • The woman who’s had her heart broken by a man she loved & trusted & yet finds the courage to believe that love still exists as she enters a new relationshipI SEE YOU!
  • The woman packing up her life to move across the country because she believes with all her heart that “there’s gotta be more”I SEE YOU!
  • The mother whose child is battling addiction or depression and you desperately try to surrender your child to the Lord & trust Him to be all they need yet battle with fear & worry to the point that it’s consuming you- I SEE YOU!


I SEE YOU ALL!!! HEAR ME- I SEE YOU!!! And so, does the Father! He sees you in the shower when you cry so no one else can hear you. He sees you balancing your checkbook wondering how in the world you’ll manage all the bills, let alone make Christmas gifts happen. He sees you when you’re in your car all alone & screaming because you’re so angry or overwhelmedHE SEES YOU!!




At this moment- if you’ll close your eyes & settle your mind, you’ll hear Him say:

Baby girl, I see you. And as I look upon you, I see my masterpiece in whom I am very proud. I know this is hard, but you are stronger than you think. What I will do in you, through this situation is more than you can imagine & it will change the lives of others. Trust me with your pain & your burdens, I’ll bring you peace & rest. But in the meantime, I SEE YOUmy princess! I SEE YOU!


Comments: 1

  1. Posted by Christi Cook 03 Dec 2018 at 5:48 pm Reply

    Thank you, Twila for this dynamic blog!

    I SEE YOU!!

    Such nurturing words, they went straight to my heart! You are such a blessing to many.

    God be with you,

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