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A Powerful Testimony of Physical Healing & Restoration

Posted by: In: Faith 15 May 2017 Comments: 0

We hope this powerful testimony of God’s miraculous physical healing will encourage your heart. Please join us in welcoming Allen Felts as our guest blogger this week. Here he shares his experience with being healed from TMJ, the inability to focus and more……..

169F0E7A-C70B-4006-9AF1-84D9A8C8A727Since I have started going through “Crossing2Freedom” and my one-on-one sessions with Jan Hicks at Christians United Ministries, Inc. (CUMI), I have noticed a tremendous difference in my life. I have seen favor released on my job in such a powerful way. I have also noticed a drastic change in areas like memory recall, ability to think clearly, focusing, etc.

After going through this process, I have experienced such a powerful sense of freedom & feel such a great peace in every area of my life.

For most of my life, I struggled with Attention Deficit Disorder and always had a very tough time getting my thoughts together. Since working with Jan and declaring freedom in those areas, I now realize what a powerful tool my mind is and how it had been held captive for so many years.

I truly saw God bring healing to my mind in a matter of weeks, something that medicine had not been able to accomplish. Through this process of Crossing2Freedom, I have even seen physical healing & restoration in my body.

About 6 months ago, I started having stress and anxiety issues that led to TMJ.  After declaring freedom in those areas and applying peace, I can now say that the TMJ issues have resolved.  I am so thankful for Jan and her dedication to being an instrument to bring healing and freedom to the body of Christ.

by Allen Felts | 2017

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