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Crossing2Freedom (C2F)


12 Nights - 12 Weeks - 12 Chapters…Life Changing!!!

This is YOUR personal journey. These classes will guide you through the understanding of how life situations can bring a false truth to us at times, bringing with it a false identity. We follow examples and repeat choices that are not always good, but it's what we know until we learn different. We are learning with you.

How do we break free of the resentments, rejection, vows, expectations, responses, and choices that keep us captive to the enemy? Even as Christians, this can be a battle.

That’s how Crossing2Freedom began…I (Jan) learned great tools from many sources which created this journey. I walked this out myself and still use these tools DAILY!!

Please join us. The classes are offered at no cost.

It's time to set yourself free to enjoy life, love Jesus, love yourself as you love others and others will find you more lovable as well…!!

Our team will be available to pray with you during every class.

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Available Classes

Starting Summer 2018

Day and Night | Many Locations

More classes continue to be added. Please check back for others classes starting soon. There will also be classes in Tn, Jackson, Tn, Milan, Tn area. If interested, contact our office at: 744.567.0771 or cumioffice@gmail.com.

All classes are open to men/women/teens unless otherwise stated. We encourage you to share this information with others.

Crossing2Freedom Groups:

*NEW 10-Week Summer Class* -- May 22 | Tuesday | 6:15p.m. - 8p.m. | Liberty Church Foley Campus | Contact: CUMI Office 774.567.0771 | No Charge | Registration Requested Please

Crossing2Freedom Conference:

After completion of any Crossing2Freedom class, plan to finish with attending our Crossing2Freedom Conference.

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Crossing2Freedom Subjects

Through the Crossing2Freedom classes and Crossing2Freedom Conference, the following subjects are representative of teaching that may be included:

  • The Beginning, Shame

  • Inutero Wounding/Mothers Role

  • Abuse Part I

  • Abuse Part II

  • Judgments/Expectations

  • Inner Vows/Hardened Hearts

  • Generational Curses

  • Sin/Discernment

  • Accusing/Tormenting Spirits

  • Bitterness-Self-Bitterness

  • Rejection

  • Fear

  • Occult

  • 4 part prayer model

  • Exercising the Brain/Renewing the Mind

  • Trauma

  • Ungodly Beliefs, Power of Tongue