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FOCUS by Ashton Brook

Posted by: In: Uncategorized 17 Jun 2016 Comments: 1
Ashton Brook photo

Ashton Brook

A little girl was flying a kite on the beach today. She would run and keep her eyes on it. As she ran, it would fly higher and higher. She would yell in excitement because she got the kite so high. As soon as she would look away from the kite, it would fall to the ground. Every time she would get it in the air, get excited, look away, it would fall…

Girl Beach KiteIs that just like our fellowship with God at times? We get it going good and its fun and exciting, but we get distracted and look to other things, then our fellowship with Christ falls away.

We have to pick it up and get it going again! Only this time we must keep our eyes and focus on HIM so it keeps going until it’s so high that we can tie off the kite and find rest in knowing that our fellowship is secured. We can then go help others with their kite and help them get there kites in the air! …but we still have to keep checking our kite, because sometimes they fall even when we think they are secure and WAY up in the air. The higher they are the less likely they will fall but we must stay focused…

Are you focused today on the only thing that will take you higher?

Comments: 1

  1. Posted by Ann Kling 01 Aug 2016 at 3:14 am Reply

    What a great illustration. Hope to hear more from Ashton.

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