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Welcome to Christians United Ministries!
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These classes are designed to help you gain a greater understanding for overcoming the hurts in our lives. Improve relationships and change lives forever. Register today for the Crossing2Freedom class!

Counseling Center

We have certified prayer ministers trained in a special counseling technique that changes lives through the leading of the Holy Spirit as we counsel, coach and pray with you.

Crossing2Freedom Weekend

Experience the fullness of your journey to freedom with the Crossing2Freedom weekend. Designed to help you embrace an abundant life full of the joy and peace the Lord desires for you, this special weekend is held at the end of each Crossing2Freedom series.

Welcome to Christians United Ministries

"Hurting people hurt people, but healed people help others!"

Jan Hicks, Christians United Ministries President
We are a believer supported international ministry of prayer. Our ultimate goal is to be a ministry of helps. Through prayer and inner healing teaching seminars, we are reaching out to fill the needs of others through the grace and will of God.

Jan Hicks, President of Christian United Ministries, Inc. (CUMI), is an International Speaker, Teacher, Author and Christian Counselor. Her life experiences and powerful healing is a testimony to others around the world.

Jan is Author of Crossing2Freedom, a healing ministry, to the broken and wounded hearts, exposing the lies of Satan and teaches on healing to the spiritual roots of our diseases.

Jan was delivered from drug abuse, Cocaine (the needle), Heroin, LSD, Meth, nicotine, and the list does not end there. She was molested as a child, teen, raped as an adult and been in adulterous situations. She understands, fear, unforgiveness, and thoughts of murder as well as trying to take a life. God delivered her from drugs, healed her from her past abuses, and from a crippling disease.

Jan Hicks ministry is built on the foundation of Jesus Christ, encouraging the lost, the saved, backsliders and believers to accept the love of Jesus, His saving truth and learn how to live healed in peace and joy.


  • I believe I am constantly growing and being healed as I walk with Christ on Earth. This retreat gave me the healing I needed in 2015 in under 24 hours. It provided not just healing, but lessons with biblical tools. I felt an intimacy that allowed openness and transparency to allow me to share my struggles and fears with those who prayed with me. We need this type of retreat for our youth. Imagine what the current generation can do in a lifetime if healing occurs now.

    Alexis Banks
  • I've learned that it is okay to ‘Gently” push-pull-or drag those in bondage to go ‘there” into that place that for far too long have been locked away by fear and rejection and all those other things that have kept them from Freedom.

    Connie Bornholt

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This prayer line is the heart of the ministry. Our online international network is available 24 hours a day to receive and uplift your requests; to stand in the gap for, and in agreement with those in need in our community and the world. Submit a prayer need or join our prayer network.

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